Americans' Survival Guide to Australia
Book Cover for Americans' Survival Guide to Australia This is the Operator's Manual for Australia...
Always wear sunglasses when operating this country.

This book is packed with important information for anyone trying to make a go of it in Australia. Tourists will be entertained and amused, business travelers will have an edge, and migrants will be warned of what lies ahead. It isn't a list of hotels and tourist attractions, instead it's a primer on how Australia works and how Australians think, from an American point of view.


About the Author

Rusty Geller was born and raised in suburban Los Angeles. After graduating from the University of Southern California, he travelled around Europe and North America. He ended up in film school in Hollywood, embarking on a twenty-five-year career as a cameraman in the motion picture industry, specializing in Steadicam.

In 2003 he stepped out of the rat race and migrated with his family to Western Australia, hoping to find something that was no longer available in Southern California: a wide-open, uncrowded land with a slower-paced lifestyle. He now lives with his wife and daughters in the hills above Perth, amongst kangaroos and kookaburras in a big stone house in a eucalyptus forest under a brilliant blue sky.